We put the advantages of the latest technology trends and methodologies at the service of our clients to provide them with bespoke effective and efficient solutions.

These are some of the technologies we use in our different services (Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Bespoke Software,…):

Slide FRONTEND The use of modern technologies such as React and Redux allows us to develop native applications on iOS and Android. Similarly, web development is driven by both knowledge in Wordpress and different custom productions thanks to React.

Slide BACKEND We bet on leading technologies in platforms and systems development. Scalability and performance are mandatory in our products. Availability is also one of the fundamental requirements in the decision-making process of some of our technologies.

Slide DATABASES Scalability, performance and availability are the three basic pillars of all the database systems we use. Relational or non-relational we adapt to the requirements and needs of our clients.

Slide TESTING One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is testing. We incorporate testing of different types into our development cycle and we promote the use of techniques such as TDD.

Slide DEVOPS We have a complete stack of tools and technologies that provides our projects a perfect environment for CI/CD. Quality tools and repositories add the extra to push the bar higher.

Slide UTILITIES We use the best tools to distribute the work, the latest IDEs and platforms to ensure we work accordingly to the latest needs.

Slide MANAGEMENT We work with distributed teams, different countries and time zones, so we need to ensure the communication is clear and we do not have any issues, so we use the best tools in the market.