Bespoke software development

If you need an application (desktop application, backend development, etc.) for your business, through our bespoke software development service we will carefully analyse your situation and your requirements to achieve the best possible tailor-made solution considering your time and budget constraints.

Conceiving, analysing, designing and implementing your application implies having a team with extensive experience in software development.

Yapiko is formed by a team with years of experience in the industry at an international level, in many diverse areas and with many technologies, but, above all, it is aware that the best solution always requires maximum commitment in the achievement of our customers goals.

Technological Stack

Programming languages

We have great experience developing software mainly in the Java environment, but also with other languages ​​such as the following:

Real Time Processing



An important client with presence in several European and international countries needed to export information in real time to different applications or clients (Business Intelligence, Risk Management, Partners...) from its main software platform.

real time data export

A client wanted to incorporate a metrics collection system to monitor the service level agreements (SLAs) established with its platform software provider (platform with high performance and complexity).

sla metric project

A client has a highly complex Platform that is built upon a large number of services and processes, each of which generated its own log, thus making it difficult to use them for statistical purposes, monitoring or problem solving.

logs centralisation project
PAM integration WALLETS

A client owned a Software Platform that must be integrated with other PAM (Player Account Management/Wallets) Systems that are used by the clients that acquire their platform.

wallets platform integration
Feed integration FEED INTEGRATION

Our client has a platform that could only receive feeds from a single supplier, which conditioned their sales opportunities, since potential buyers could not integrate with other feed providers offering different types of events or kind of offers.

feed integration module