Our client wanted to implement a mobile application in which he could be a football coach of the best teams in history.

The user could choose the country and the season where he “fell in love with football”, and then select his “favourite club”.

As a manager you could be able to:

  • Manage football idols
  • Sell players
  • Buy players
  • Play historical leagues from different countries
  • Play European Cup and soon domestic cups from different markets (Copa del Rey, FA Cup, …)
  • Complete challenges and earn player points redeemable for rewards (Gamification)
  • Buy players from Foreign Markets


Under the established requirements regarding the characteristics and image of the product, a functionally optimised solution was analysed and developed, which due to continuous communication and feedback with our client throughout the process guaranteed satisfaction in the final deliverable.

For all these reasons, and given the growing App acceptance , the customer has entrusted us with the maintenance and evolution of RFM.

  • The app has In-app purchases and Ads (Google AdMob) for monetisation.
  • It has already reached more than 700,000 downloads in more than 50 countries.


The mobile application is developed in React Native with the following Technology Stack used: