A client has a software that must be integrated with other PAM (Player Account Management/Wallet) systems used by the clients who acquire its platform.

The challenge is to develop an integration given the context in terms of the complexity of both systems (Platform and PAMs) and the requirements related to:

  • Security Requirements
  • High Performance
  • High Availability
  • Business Rules Complexity
  • Legal Regulations


Integrations have been developed for various PAMs, including those offered by BEDE and Camelot:

  • BEDE ( BEDE works with some of the most successful online gaming companies in the world.
  • Camelot ( Camelot Lottery Solutions has over 20 years’ experience as a supplier to lottery clients worldwide.

Solutions include:

  • Reconciliation and retry mechanisms
  • Funds reservation review
  • Check of established legal limits and debit/credit operations for the end user account following complex business rules.


The solutions are mainly based on the use of Restful Web Services, using Oauth2 with JWT tokens (JSON Web Tokens) for authorization.

Project technologies summary: