Mood Ninja: Daily Mood Tracker

“Mood Ninja tool helps you track the mood of your team and identify when someone might need support.”

Mood Ninja is Your Daily Mood Tracker and Well-Being Ally for Teams working on-site, remote, hybrid or asynchronous environments.


Tracking the mood of a team is important to promote wellbeing and maintain a positive working environment. Monitoring moods on a daily basis can help identify when someone is struggling and needs support.

Having a tool like Mood Ninja can serve to:

  • Anticipation: Raise Awareness among team members about their own moods and emotions
  • Open Communication: Encourage Open Communication and discussions about wellbeing
  • Positive Work Culture: Help create a Positive Work Culture.


Mood Ninja has a Bot that integrates into the Corporate Chat tools and collects information about the mood of the team and a Web Dashboard to analyse the information collected.

The bot gets daily mood feedback from your team

Access graphs to visualise different indicators

React to stablish actions for improvement

Track the impact of your actions!

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