Nowadays, it is more important than ever for companies to be able to interact with their customers through mobile devices with it’s own bespoke mobile applications.  Millions of apps downloads are currently taking place monthly, proving that they have become one of the main channels for companies to connect, serve and increase their customer base.

We create highly functional mobile applications focused on a great user experience to ensure to achieve the goals set by our clients.


The main technology on which our mobile applications are based is React Native, developed by Facebook.

Development Speed

Possibility of using a single programming language (JavaScript) to be able to develop applications on the main mobile platforms (iOS and Android) even managing to transform the resulting application into a native one. This feature is a difference from most mobile development tools or frameworks that offer hybrid solutions that lack the performance and fluidity that native applications have.


It favours the extrapolation of mobile development to the web, allowing a multi-channel reach with less effort.

Cost reduction

The source code of the application is written in JavaScript and is almost entirely shared between the different platforms. This means savings in development (it is not necessary to have a team specialised in Android and another in iOS, but a single team specialised in JS) and in maintenance or support.

In addition, a set of auxiliary libraries was available for our React Native projects during development. The latest versions of the JS standard (ES6, 7, 8……), Redux-type architecture, testing and code quality tools were used to provide stability and robustness during the app development.

Common technologies


The scope of mobile development is very broad, having developed for our clients among other functionalities:

API Integrations

Swagger for control and versioning.

In App Purchases

Both platforms for the purchase of products within the applications.

Google SDK

Integration with maps, events and different features provided by this framework.

Facebook and Twitter SDK

For user management, events and marketing.

Market Management

Yapiko can take care of the management and correct configuration of the Android (on Google Play) and iOS (on the Apple Store) markets.

The Beta channels configuration is important to be able to distribute or test the versions of the application that will be released to your end customers.

Why a Backoffice App Tool?

Some apps require a backend tool or it’s development can give more value to offer the possibility of:

Data setting up

Include new information

Send push notifications

Usage statistics reports

During the analysis process of each project, it will be detected whether such a tool is necessary or advice will be given on the additional advantages that it could bring, since in many cases it can have repercussions on subsequent cost savings by making it possible to dispense with the hiring of a technical team for specific interventions or modifications.

One of the best known platforms in this area, and which we at Yapiko use, is Firebase, developed by Google. Firebase allows the use of interesting Cloud utilities including, among others

Non-relational databases


Advertising Management

User Administration



Our client wanted to develop an application in which the user could be a football coach of the best teams in history. The user could choose the country and the season where he fell in love with football, and then select his favourite club.

rfm mobile app RESTAURANTES.COM MOBILE APP needed an attractive mobile application with enough functionality to provide the best service to its customers.
Following a successful maintenance contract with Yapiko, they also commissioned us to develop its mobile application.

restaurantes mobile app

With the birth and rise in popularity of eSports over the last few years and considering our experience with sports betting, we thought it might be exciting and interesting to combine both worlds into one. This is how the Caronte project was born.

caronte mobile app