Aplication Maintenance

Software are living systems that require a good application maintenance with continuous updates and improvements, both corrective and perfective, and evolutionary as well.

We manage the maintenance required to ensure stability, performance, security and usefulness throughout the software life cycle.

Planning of new features

Software reengineering, updating and optimization

Incident resolution and bug fixing

User support

New modules or plug-ins installation and configuration

Plugins, modules or libraries updates

Base Software update

Backups & Restores

Security Issues

Databases maintenance

How do we do the application maintenance?

The maintenance implementation process would basically consist of two phases:

  • The first phase would be to take control of the software, from the business requirements to its architecture and source code
  • In a second phase the periodic maintenance actions would be assessed and detailed and the rest of the aspects of the service would be agreed.


Client Maintenance LOGISTIC OPERATOR

Our client is focused on the distribution of technological products, e-commerce and logistics, mostly for different telecommunications operators.
Given the diversity of systems and the frequency of integration with other new systems or modifications to existing ones, we carry out:
- Incident resolution and corrective maintenance
- Evolutionary Maintenance
- Perfective Maintenance


Our client has a main Data Base used by the operations of its Platform.
This Database due to its growth and high volume of records was causing efficiency problems in the system, which by its nature must meet the high-performance requirement.


Restaurantes.com needed a reliable company to perform the maintenance of their web applications with guarantees, given the growing positioning acquired in the market.

Maintenance Tech