Our client has a platform that could only receive feeds from a single supplier, which conditioned their sales opportunities, since potential buyers could not integrate with other feed providers offering different types of events or kind of offers (for example, there are providers specialized in tennis events that offer tighter prices than other more general providers).


After analysing the platform, it was decided to extract the feed management and implement a specific module that would be able to easily integrate new feed providers whenever one of its customers required it. In this way, the information would reach the platform in a unified format for treatment regardless of the provider.

As an immediate benefit:

  • It would gain flexibility and adaptation to customer requirements, and therefore would generate more sales opportunities.
  • Possibility of increasing the Offer.
  • Future cost savings by being able to develop integration with other new Feeds Providers more quickly and reliably.
  • Greater modularisation of the software Platform and therefore greater maintainability.

Some of the integrated feed providers:

  • Betradar ( It is an international leader (more than 80 countries) offering solutions and services within the betting industry.
  • Betgenius ( This is a major worldwide supplier in the betting industry.
  • Sporting Solutions ( It has been operating since 1992 offering global data services and tools to the betting industry.


It was decided to use technologies such as Apache Kafka and Zookeeper because it is a very complex system that requires high performance and availability.

Using these technologies, the system can be configured to:

  • Take advantage of parallel processing.
  • Allocate resources where they are most needed.
  • Make adjustments to many other parameters in order to obtain maximum performance.

It is remarkable that the information being processed includes Live events, which should be given higher priority than other Pre-Match events.

The development is divided into sub-modules and each of them is responsible for communicating with a specific feed provider, obtaining the necessary information and sending it to the main module.

The main module unifies the feed format (regardless of the feed provider) and sends it to the Platform, which is able to understand and process that unified format (e.g. for the Creation of a Sport Event).