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Chronos: Timesheet Sync Platform

“Chronos is a time synchronisation tool between different TimeSheets platforms.”

Chronos significantly reduces and simplifies the administrative burden on the company’s employees by allowing time recording in a single system and synchronising timesheets between different client systems.


It is common for service companies to have their staff assigned to different clients who, for their controls, require this external staff to allocate the hours they spend on their projects. For this purpose, they have their own Time and Attendance platforms.
At the same time, the service companies themselves need their employees to also allocate their dedication in their own corporate system in order to manage the invoicing to their clients and to exploit this information in the way they consider appropriate.

This circumstance multiplies the administrative burden and control that falls on the company’s employees, managers and administration, constituting a notable volume of “non-productive” work in the annual computation.


Chronos reduces the administrative burden and allows to increase the operational time of employees on what really impacts the company’s profits: the core business.


  • Reduction of staff time spent on time recording by having tenter it only once in a single system.
  • Reduced frustration of the team by reducing their repetitive administrative burden.
  • Prevention of Errors and Verification of Consistency between the Customer systems involved.
  • Easier Productivity Metrics.
  • Reduction of the workload of managers and administrative staff in the monitoring and control of the correct time information in the different systems involved.
  • Automation of the sending of timesheets tclients.

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The features offered according to User or Administrator role are:

User Features

In Chronos, a User can basically:

  • Set up access credentials to the Client Platforms the user will be working for.
  • Send worked hours from the Source Platform (Employee’s Time Tracking Platform) to the Client Platforms (Target Platforms) that the employee has configured.
  • Activate the Auto-Submit so that the tool will send the timesheets to the clients automatically, saving the user from having to access the tool to send the timesheets to the required systems.
  • Chronos password change.

Administrator Features

Users with the Administrator profile, in addition to the functionalities of the User profile, can:

  • Synchronize Projects and Tasks of the Company’s Time Tracking tool with the Projects and Tasks of your Customers’ platforms, so that employees can always find the tasks to which they must allocate time in the corporate tool.
  • Chronos Users Management.
  • Sending User Timesheets (due to e.g. employees who have forgotten to send their worked hours to their client companies).