Is your company’s technology and software obsolete and not adapted to your needs? Does the software currently on the market not meet your business requirements? Maybe you need a customised software that adapts 100% to your company. At Yapiko we tell you what a bespoke software is, what it implies, what its advantages are, and in which case you will be able to use it.

A bespoke software, like the one we develope at Yapiko, is a computer software that is designed in a personalised way for each client and taking into account the way their business works. The aim of bespoke software is to meet the needs of your company and adapt to your processes when standard software cannot do so.

Differences between bespoke software and standard software

If you don’t know much about programming and development, you are probably wondering what the difference is between standard software and bespoke software.

Below, you will find all the differences between the two software so that you can decide for yourself which of the two is best suited to your needs.

Bespoke software

As we have already mentioned, a bespoke software is a computer program that is completely adapted to the present needs of the client, and is implemented to adapt more easily to the possible evolutions of the business In other words, it is a project that is developed to measure and therefore adapts to the company. For example, a mobile app or a desktop app, or a web plataform.

To start deveolping bespoke software different steps must be followed:

  1. The first step is to understand the requirements and processes on which the new software is to be developed.
  2. The second step will be to determine how the new tailor-made system will intervene in the company’s current management processes, including whether they can be modified to improve them, or whether they should be left as they are.
  3. The last step will be the most important of all, as it will be time to create the software. Remember that the creation of a bespoke softwarewill be adaped to the company, and not the other way around.

Standard software

Now that you know a bit more about bespoke software, we can see how it differs from standard software.

Well, the main difference is that, unlike bespoke software, standard software is a generic software that is responsible for solving multiple needs and, probably, not all of them are demanded by your company. For a better understanding, standard software is not always adapted to the needs of the customer, as it is not created ad hoc for the company, but to meet a general market demand.

However, there are standard software and tools on the market that can cover the needs of a company and sometimes it is not necessary to resort to customised software. There are even cases in which it is sometimes sufficient to apply a application integration to meet certain needs such as enabling different systems and processes to work together or to optimise their operation.

Main features of bespoke software

To learn more about bespoke software or customised software so that you can decide if it is what you currently need, let’s look at its main features.

Tailor-made software is adapted to your needs

They stand out mainly for adapting to the specific needs of each company. This is its main feature, as it is designed to cover requirements that standard software does not. As the client, you must communicate to the development manager what your goals and needs are in order to fully design and develop the software from scratch so it will be totally to your liking and will be 100% adapted to your company’s needs.

Great ease of use of bespoke software

Another of the most important features of the bespoke software is that it will be easier to use. You will have regular meetings with the professionals developing your project and you will even be part of the development project itself. You will learn how to use your new bespoke programme from scratch, as it develops.

High optimisation of bespoke software

With a bespoke software you will have high optimisation of it because all the functionalities, being created only by and for the needs of your company, will be used 100% and in the most appropriate way with the required performance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bespoke software?

Now that you know all about bespoke software, you only need to know its advantages and disadvantages to finally decide if it is really what you need for your business.


The company’s costs will be reduced:

It is true that the initial investment to create bespoke software may be higher than if you purchase standard software, although this also depends on each specific case, as the final price of each development varies according to the client’s needs.

Improve the quality of processes:

Thasks to bespoke software, your company’s tasks are automated and will be solved faster and better. One-off problems will be simplified and therefore the quality of business processes will increase.

Having a bespoke software development will give you exclusivity:

You will have a totally customised development, which means that nobody else will have the same software as you, and that will make a difference in your company. It will reinforce the internal corporate image of your brand..

It will allow you to increase cybersecurity:

The IT experts carrying out your project will be able to effectively store all sensitive data generated by the company without having to share it. This will prevent cyber-attack actions such as the spear phishing.

Easy maintenance:

Finally, you should be aware that bespoke software that meets all programming standards will be easier to maintain and update


Bespoke software is more expensive to build

Creating a bespoke IT system from scratch is a significant cost and therefore the cost and return on investment must be assessed.

It takes time

Both the process of creating the IT development and the subsequent implementation of the software and training of staff will take time, so if you need something quick and immediate, it may not suit your needs.

Company specialised in bespoke software creation

If you have finally decided that you want to develop bespoke software, at Yapiko we are at your complete disposal. We are specialist in developing bespoke software projects and will be delighted to help you.

Contact us and we will advise and help you in everything you need. You can also ask us for a quote without any obligation. We do this because we are involved in your business, because we want to help you and work with you in the growth of your company.