App development is a service that is increasingly in demand. Due to the advantages of an app for your company and the popularity they have been gaining in the last years, there are many users ask us about the development phases of an app.

What are the phases of app development?

When developing an app, it is advisable to follow a series of guidelines and phases so that the final result is much better and the objectives for which it was created are met.


First thing that you have very clear when developing an app is users’ needs to be covered or the problems to be solved by the creation of this app. On this basis, a concept and value can be defined.


It is necessary to analyze what will be the resources that are going to be allocated to the project.. Depending of the budget, a more basic app can be developed or a more elaborated one with more additional functionalities.

Who will be the supplier?

We recommend you work with a company that you trust, with whom you feel comfortable and that has experience in the development of apps. In this way, it will be possible to work with greater quality assurance in the project and the feedback will be greater throughout the process.

Needs analysis

Once you have researched both the industry and the competition, define the scope of the project together with the development team to analyze all the use cases. As a general rule, we move from the general to the details of what each section of the app will offer, allowing this higher level of definition to make the development phase more fluid and aligned with expectations


Any project needs a planning phase which a specific work schedule is established with the different actions to be carried out until the project is completed. Here you should try to specify as much as possible the development time for the launch of the app.

Graphic design and UX

It’s in this phase when you need to define the contain and the app intention will be defined taking into account user experienceor UX.

A visual proposal will be elaborated taking into account the brand image and will serve as a basis for the developer.

Software development

Previously it will be necessary to define whether native, hybrid or web-apps applications will be developed. Once the approach is decided, the developer through the code will start building the mobile application with everything previously indicated or defined.

It will be important to make partial and periodic deliveries so that both the company and the client have feedback and, if necessary, to be able to correct the different elements of the project (preference for agile methodology).

User testing

During this stage, several tests will be performed to ensure the qualityof the app. It will serve as an improvement process where all the actions that a user can perform will be checked to ensure that they are working correctly.


Once it has been tested and the quality can be guaranteed, it is time to upload a App Store y Google Play. You can also promote the launch of this app through various marketing activities such as SEO, Ads campaigns, promotion in RRSS…


All software has to be upgraded as new operating systems are released, higher versions are developed, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to have a company that, after its launch, will continue to maintain the app in the long term.

At Yapiko we understand the needs of our clients and, thanks to our long experience, we can accompany them during all phases of the project, optimizing all the work and advising them so that the launch is more successful.