Choosing a technological partner is a crucial point when it comes to implementing technological improvements in a business. In the last two years, 86% of Spanish companies have increased their digitalisation budgets, according to the study Digital Priorities 2022, carried out by Multiplica.

This means that 6 out of 10 companies in Spain have decided to have a technology partner. This is why the choice of technology provider is so important.

There are many issues to consider when choosing a technology provider or partner. . These are characteristics that they must have in order to meet the quality standards of the industry. However, there are other keys that we consider essential when choosing a technology provider.

In this article we tell you what a technology provider is, how to choose the right technological partner and the basic services they should offer you.

What is a technology partner?

If we start at the beginning, the first question that often arises is what is a technological partner. A technology partner is a company with expertise in new technologies and information technologies. In addition to taking care of the development necessary to digitise a company, they offer advice in the process of digital transformation of companies.

It would be something like a technology ally, a trusted external supporter that will be a benchmark in its sector and will support companies in innovation and technology.

Why is it in your interest to have a technological partner?

You are interested in having a technological partner because the first advantage will be the reduction of costs and the second, the maximisation of the competitiveness of the business thanks to the application of technologies. Hiring an external technological partner allows you to save costs costes in human resources, investment in technology, etc.

However, these are other reasons why it is in your interest to have a technology partner.

  • Ongoing technology advice. When you choose a technology partner, you will always have support for recommendations on choices related to technology and your business, so delegating these issues to an expert will free you from spending so much effort on issues that are not strategic to your business.
  • Technical assistance and support. In addition, a technology partner will always support you in resolving incidents effectively and quickly and will do so with the quality of being an expert in the service.
  • Technological adaptation. A good technological partner adapts to all types of companies, both at a technological level and at the level of different business models. Thanks to their qualifications, they will be able to respond to the needs of their clients.

Choosing a good technology partner and getting it right means that it doesn’t matter what company you are, or what sector or business model you have, because the technology partner will know how to adapt to what you are looking for.

Basic services a technology partner should offer

Before choosing the perfect technology provider for your business, there are some basic features that they should have. However, this is always up to you and some of them will be more important depending on the purpose of the service.

On the other hand, a good customer service is important, especially when we are talking about problems that can arise from one moment to the next and where agility is needed to solve them.

In this aspect, is important the support and the communication between your business and the provider.

This means that the outsourcing of the technological service can be for a period of time, until the work is finished and then it will be simple maintenance or it can be permanent, with the support of the technological partner at all times.

In other words, the collaboration can be carried out with actions or projects as needed or through a permanent service agreement for a longer period of time.

It would be good if your technology partner has extensive knowledge of your sector. This will help them adapt to your business objective, understand your needs and know how to strengthen the technology outsourcing service.

The experience of your technology partner is also important. Just as your technology partner needs to know your industry well, it is also important that they have experience. This way he or she will know the most common mistakes, what works and what doesn’t work.

To recap, here is what you should consider, as a minimum, when choosing your technological partner:

  • Good customer service.
  • Technical support and communication.
  • Extensive knowledge of the sector.
  • Experience in the business.

Keys to choosing a technology partner

However, leaving aside the more intrinsic issues of an outsourced service, which are minimal and basic for everything to go well, there are some keys to choosing a technology partner and getting it right.

  • Aligned objectives. We refer to the connection that exists between two companies when both are aligned. This is very important when working together and is the source of the good atmosphere and trust that must exist between the parties.
  • Agility in the process: communications and implementation. When two companies work together there must be a certain agility in processes, implementations and communications. Choose a proactive technology partner with strong communication skills to keep the relationship flowing.
  • Work methodology. The work methodology also includes the planning of the processes and the timing of the project. A technology partner with a good working methodology will be key to ensure that everything goes smoothly. There may be problems along the way, but without a working methodology and prior planning, the project will not be successful.
  • Level of innovation. In the technological world and in the business sector, thinking outside the box and being ingenious are two essential ingredients to differentiate yourself. Finding a technology partner that has this ability deeply rooted in its way of working will be key to achieving different results, but also to turn over a new leaf if plans do not go as expected.

Finally, make sure that your technology partner is not afraid of challenges s and knows how to respond to potential crises with exceptional performance.

Incorporating technology into companies or improving the existing one also means betting on greater efficency. In the end, the objective of any company will be to obtain more profits and increase the profitability of the business.

Conclusions on how to choose a technology provider

From Yapiko we advise you to take all this into account when choosing a technological partner because, as you have seen, there are many things to consider and you should take into account before choosing the right technology provider.

At Yapiko we have experience acting as a technological partner covering the digital solutions needs of different businesses, so you can outsource the technology needs of your business to us.

We strive to meet all industry standards, as well as give you technical support for whatever you may need. Get in touch with us to start exploring together a partnership that will boost the competitiveness of your business.