Having an app for your company, nowadays, in a world as competitive as the one we live in, is almost as important as having a website.

If you’ve been thinking about it for a while and you’ve come this far, stick around because we’re going to give you some information so that you can understand that having an app is a great idea, and we’ll show you the main advantages of having an app for your company or business.

What are the advantages of having an app

When a few years ago we thought about the possibility of having a website, nowadays a business is inconceivable without it. The technological sector is changing by leaps and bounds and nowadays the use of mobiles already exceeds that of computers or tablets.

Having an app can be an important plus since, in many cases, having a responsive website is not enough to be competitive in certain sectors. So, what are the advantages of having an app?

More visibility and traffic to your website

Nowadays there are many users who keep up to date with the new applications that come onto the market and look for those that may seem useful and make their lives easier. Having a mobile app for your business is to have another channel with a very wide reach to reach potential customers.

Contributes to brand image and branding.

An app for your business differentiates you from your competitors and strengthens your brand image. And, of course, you will keep your brand in the users’ memory because having an easy and direct access creates a lasting memory.

Monetisation adapted to your business model

Depending on your business model, it will be necessary to assess the most appropriate type of monetisation. There are apps that keep users connected and then aim to sell other services. There are also apps that can bring you additional revenue with each download.

For example, in models that are premium a one-off payment is made for downloading the app, but it is necessary that it provides great value and usefulness to the user, while in freemium models the download is free and the objective is to obtain the highest possible engagement.

Complement your marketing strategy

When analysing your marketing objectives, you should implement a series of strategies and be clear about the channels you have at your disposal and the use of applications for your business is among them because it is very convenient, fast and within reach of mobile phone users.

It helps to get to know customers better

Some apps can provide basic tracking data. In addition to age, gender, geographic location, etc., they can tell us which products or services users prefer, time of use, number of installations, among others.

Measuring and analysing all this information is key to know how users interact with the app, improve purchase recommendations, personalise products/services or display personalised ads.

You will be able to personalise the experience and increase loyalty

When developing and designing a mobile app, we do not neglect its ultimate goal: to increase sales. Therefore, an attractive interface and simple navigation will improve the user experience.

However, personalisation of experiences is another objective that, thanks to the user data that the app allows us to collect, allows us to know, for example, the best time to send a notification or what type of messages make users decide whether or not to open the application.

Direct communication channel thanks to notifications

Two types of direct notifications are widely used: in-app notifications and push notifications. The aim of notifications is to inform to the users about their purchases, promotions or company news and to promote interaction with the content, but they also seek to encourage users to reopen the app.

Notifications in an app allow a much more direct and personalised communication, which is difficult to achieve in other channels.

Continue to leverage the mobile channel

If you don’t yet have a mobile-friendly website, at least if you have an app, you don’t miss the opportunity to be on this channel. However, it is advisable to have both a website and an app, which will allow you to connect with your customers regardless of which channel they prefer or have access to at any given time.

How do I know if an app is good for my business?

We can give you a very elaborate answer, but we know you’ll like the simple one best: an app is good for your business if it meets the needs of the end user and if it is a channel that they actually use frequently.

But not only that, it also does it in fast and effecive way. Something like a few clicks for the user’s action to be completed.

That said, what is the minimum that an app for your business needs to have? Or put another way, what makes an app effective for your business? In the next point we will see it.

What a business app should have: minimum essentials

Simple and intuitive interface

The first thing users see when they enter the app is the interface. A simple and intuitive interface is one of the most important points of any business app to make it easy to use and give users what they are looking for, without complications or wasting time.

Visibility on IOS and Android

Cross-platform development saves money upfront and guarantees a shorter time to market. These are two of the most widely used platforms where it is important to be present.


Users require their information to be as secure as possible. In this sense, it is important to use data encryption and to enhance access to the system by patterns or fingerprints, especially when it comes to applications for commercial transactions.


A mobile application for your business will require a continuous development cycle and therefore needs to be updated regularly. Having a team ready to provide you with this service and new features if needed is the assurance that your business app will always be kept up to date.

Comments and contact form

As you could see, one of the advantages of having an app is all the data you can collect from your users. Therefore, having the possibility to connect with your users through the app, answer their queries, comments or the possibility of a live chat is becoming more and more important for a good online customer service.


It is about giving the user the option to customise the application as much as possible: font size, colours, etc., is something that is highly valued by users.

Search system

It is said that if a user has to tap the screen more than 3 times to find something in the app, it means that the content is too hidden. Therefore, having a search system so that the user can search within the app will improve the accessibility of the app.


The app for your business must have a data analytics part. This will not only allow you to track the use of the app by users, but also to obtain all those data that we have told you are so important for the personalisation of the app experience to the maximum.

Conclusions about having an app for your business

Having reached the end of this article, we hope that all this information has convinced you to start developing mobile applications for your business.

If you have any doubts, you can write to us and we will solve them together. Otherwise, if you want to tell us what you have in mind so we can start thinking about how to help you,Contact us!

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