About us
Yapiko is ... a company
Yapiko is ...
a company

Let’s talk a little bit about our team and work system. We are a startup company founded in 2014, specialised in software development by using the latest technologies and methodologies. We are formed by a team with years of experience in the areas of software development, systems integration, testing, and consultancy in sectors like telecommunications, insurance and banking, music industry, sports betting and lottery, etc.

In Yapiko, we mainly work within the sports betting industry, along with our partners from FDJ Gaming Solutions, with whom we are developing innovative software for a number of big companies that are key in the gaming and lottery industry, for online channel as well as for retail, all around the world.

We are also slowly but steadily growing in other areas like mobile development, custom software projects and integrations, as well as internal projects.

… a team

Of course, we are not the ones of the picture…  our picture would not look so cool so we didn’t want to compromise the design of the site 🙂

Our team is growing, most of us fairly young developers, with a mix of backend and frontend profiles. We love sports and technology, we are always trying to learn and improve how we work, and we have a really good environment, and try to always make work fun!


He hecho un push desde la rama master. Algo ha pasado.


Yo no quiero días libres, yo quiero ser feliz. (2 meses más tarde). Yo quiero días libres para ser feliz.


No me gusta pasármelo bien sabiendo que al día siguiente tengo que trabajar.


(Fallando una canasta a la papelera) Hostia! habéis subido la gravedad cabrones!


¿Nunca os ha pasado que un ticket del dashboard de Jira os mira?


A mi no me gusta apostar. ¿Sabes en lo único que he apostado en mi vida? En el amor.

Here is where we work

Finally, you can take a look at our offices. We are in a coworking space, where we share the office with other companies and entrepreneurs. This creates a more diverse  and relaxed environment, where collaboration and innovation is encouraged, and allows us to talk about things other than computers and programming, which is sometimes nice.